Saturday, August 16, 2014

Playing Better Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport that requires excellent physical conditioning, agility, near perfect hand eye
coordination, timing, team work and last but not the least, good height. While the last thing on the
list is god bestowed, there are other aspects of the game that can be improved upon by regular

Practice and improve the Jump

1) Calf muscle exercises in the gym help build that muscle which gives one the power to lift off
the ground.
There are several weight training exercises that can help target the calf muscle.
2) Run regularly to stay in good shape and maintain your ideal weight, so there is less of you to
lift of the ground.
3) Using the skipping rope or running up and down stairs are also great exercises to help
improve your jump.

Practice and improve the Smash

1) Regular practice will help you feel the ball better and judge the timing of contact better.
2) Regularly have your team mates with decent volleyball shoes lob balls for you to practice smashes.
3) Work on your shoulder muscle group by doing pull ups or light weight training.
4) Master the smash technique by directing the smash low, so it is difficult to pick for the

Defense is just as important

1) It is important to develop through practice the ability to pick serves, and to lob ball’s to set
your team mate up for a smash.
2) The better players use their finger tips nimbly, and this technique gives them far greater
control of the ball.
Practice by yourself, using your fingertips to repeatedly lob the ball and over time
you will develop the dexterity needed.
Last but not the Least

Remember, it is a team sport, so develop good communication and understanding of your team
mates and play to each others strength.